Bargarh: A newly opened cafe run by specially abled people has become a new point of attraction in Bargarh. ‘Mini Flying Star Cafe’, situated at Gobindpali Chowk of Bargarh is managed by three specially abled young men.

The staff of the cafe is preparing and serving all the food items to the customers themselves. The menu includes varieties of food items like tea, coffee, shake, muri and gupchup.

The cafe serves different types of tea like Paan Tea, Rose Tea, Tandoori Tea and Chocolate Tea. Apart from this, different types of Gupchup like Shahi Gupchup, Dahi Gupchup and Chocolate Gupchup are also prepared in the cafe.

Mini Nayak, the owner of the cafe, who left her teaching profession to start this new project says providing employment to the specially abled who remain unemployed after completing their education is the main objective of the cafe.

All those employed in the cafe suffer from speech and hearing impairment. So, sign language and short forms are used in the menu. Special messages and sign language have been written on the walls of the cafe.

A special trainer from Chhattisgarh, named Deepmala Shyam, has been providing training to the staff of the cafe for the last two months. The training included preparing different types of food items, taking orders from the customers and serving food to them.

This new initiative in Bargarh is being appreciated by many people. The cafe is attracting more and more people every day.

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