These days migratory birds in large numbers can be witnessed in Bargarh. Every year these birds arrive in Antapali and Karlajuri in Bhatli block of Bargarh district for nesting and breeding. They migrate from Siberia and reach the district by the month of May.

The climate of the region, availability of good food and care given by the villagers attract these birds. During their stay, different species of birds can be seen sitting on the treetops. Every year Asian openbill strok, Little Cormorant, Pond heron, Night heron, Little egret, Cattle egret species arrive in the village.

Locals believe that these guests bring prosperity and cheer. Their arrival also indicates adequate rainfall that is essential for a good harvest.

The villagers believe that the birds start coming from the auspicious day of Akshaya Trutiya. First, the leader among the birds comes to the village for inspection, then, other birds of the species arrive in groups. They lay their eggs here and when their young ones are ready to fly, they all return to their place of origin by November. Usually, they build their nests on tamarind and banyan trees. The villagers say that this has been going on for many years.

During their stay, many tourists visit the village to witness the winged guests on the treetops. People love their chirping. The presence of the migratory birds in the village completely changes the ambience.

Krittika Satpathy

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